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Internet price 5% discount

Full day trip on request - recommended for groups and individuals with special concern.
Departure ca. 9:00 AM from your hotel in Krakow

The Auschwitz - Birkenau memorial Museum was established in 1947 by the Polish Government .In the 1979 the site of the former concentration camp in Auschwitz - Birkenau was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.



  • Museum KL Auschwitz -visiting and watching the documentary
  • Birkenau camp - camp of the segregation and distribution of the prisoners
  • Gypsies' camp - extermination of the Gypsies people in KL Auschwitz
  • departure for Russian prisoners' tombs area
  • Tour round the protective zone - quarrel concerning the crosses on the gravel heap
  • departure for Harmeze - sanctuary of the St. M. Kolbe, visiting of the exhibition of the Marian Kolodziej's / the camp's former prisoner /painting
  • Centre Of the city- history of the Auschwitz city, visiting of the Jewish centre
  • Departure for Monowice - history of its camp, the factory IG Farben

POINT Travel's one-day excursion to Auschwitz has been devised on the basis of a guidebook (Auschwitz - A Nazi Tower of Babel) by Michal Nowak. The extended programme for your visit will give you the opportunity to see the Auschwitz Memorial Museum and also parts of the camp's surroundings, which will give you a fuller picture of the historical and symbolical reality in the concept of Auschwitz. We will be honoured to make the arrangements for your visit of meditation to Auschwitz


Since wars have their origins in human minds, it is also human minds that the defences of peace should be erected. Preamble to the UNESCO Statute


INCLUDES: Service of a private guide speaking your language for all day, services of the Museum guide, documentary film. Transportation by car at your disposal. Lunch in a restaurant included.

NOTES: Please let us know the date, time and meeting point convenient to You. The price depends on the number of people you request on this tour. Internet price 5% discount. Calculate the price by clicking "buy now"

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