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There are two tours in one day, by car.
Distance ca. 320km roundtrip.

CZESTOCHOWA - Paulite Monastery at a hill called Jasna Gora. Blessed Virgin - Black Madonna Shrine Day trip along the "Eagles' Nest Trail" or along the Warsaw-Krakow road, or en route for Wroclaw.

Czestochowa is Poland's spiritual capital. Dating back to 14th century Jasna Gora Monastery gained its value for Poles as the place important from the historical (famous Swedish siege in 17th c.) and religious points of view. The painting of Black Madonna having the miraculous reputation.

Note: a normal day is much more appropriate for a visit to Czestochowa.

AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU The largest Nazi concentration camp formed during World War II The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum was established in 1947 by the Polish Government on the site of the largest Nazi concentration camp, which was set up in 1940 for prisoners from Poland. From 1941 on Nazis imprisoned there people from all the countries occupied by the Third Reich. From 1942 it also became one of the biggest extermination camps for the European Jews. There is the exhibition entitled "Man Did This To Man" in the huts once used to house inmates. In recognition of its historical significance as a memorial to all who suffered and died there, in the 1979 the site of the former concetration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

Note: a normal day is much more appropriate for a visit to Czestochowa.

INCLUDES: Service of a guide speaking your language; local guides; transportation by car or minibus;
NOTES: Please let us know the date, time and meeting point convenient to You.
The price depends on the number of people you request on this tour.
Internet price - less 5%. Calculate the price by clicking "buy now"

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