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Three Faces of Krakow

INTERNET price 5% less

DAILY, morning or later
private tour by car Duration ca. 3,5 hrs
Starting point - possible from your hotel

  • Nowa Huta - a town that was built for socialism, founded in 1949 and centered on Poland's first integrated steelworks;
  • Former Jewish District Kazimierz,
  • Old City of Krakow - walk

ITINERARY: Driving from Krakow to Nowa Huta - Central Square - then to Mogila former village withMonastery like an example of sacral architecture preserved very close to grey blocks for inhabitiants; Entrance Gate to Mittal Steelworks formerly of the name of Lenin; drive along divisions of Steelworks ; Rose Avenue, Folk Theatre, ARKA -Church.

We will see the district of Nowa Huta with its specific architecture from communisms days as well as Cistercians Monastery and church in Bienczyce,

Afterwards you go to former Jewish District Kazimierz with its synagogues; "coffee break".  Follow up the Old City of Krakow with Cloth Halls - Sukiennice on the Great Market Square and St. Mary's Basilica .

INCLUDES:  French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian speaking guide, transportation by car; admission fees, coffee break
INTERNET price 5% less

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Mittal Steel Works in Nowa Huta by Point

Arka Church in Nowa Huta by Point Travel

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