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Presentation of Polish Cities




Zakopane is a town located in southern Poland, which is one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland, people called the winter capital of Poland. It has the highest elevation (800-1000m) of any town in Poland. The Tatra National Park is close-by and there are many attractions all year round. In summer it is very popular for hill walkers and mountain climbers and in winter for winter sports enthusiasts skiers and snowboarders. 

The architecture of this region is quite unique. Houses are all constructed from wood with no metal nails used and traditionally every villa has its own name. Many are decorated with rich floral motifs.
Krupowki Street, the most popular pedestrian street, is lined with many restaurants and taverns where local specialities are served.
Zakopane hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1929, 1939, and 1962, the Winter Universiades in 1956, 1993 and 2001, the Biathlon World Championship, several Ski Jump World Cups, and several Nordic Combined, Nordic and Alpine European Cups

Activities in Zakopane


The mountains are the world's youngest alpine chain and the ski industry is very important in winter. There are five major ski resorts, Kasprowy, Gubalowka, Wierch, Nosal, Szymoszkowa and Pardalowka. The city is also well-known for its health benefits. The spa industry is very popular for the tourist due to the best quality air and pure water from the Tatra mountains. It is very popular to go hiking and walking around in the Tatra. It is difficult to predict the mountainous terrain and the weather for the tourists. We recommend you to join the guided tours and excursions without any stress and getting lost. You can discover the marvellous landscape in the mountains.

City sightseeing


When you need some break from your sports and activitites in Zakopane, there are some tourist attractions in the city and the surrounding region. You can visit the museums to learn more about the nature, people, tradition and folklore from this region. The Tatra Museum is worth to visit which shows you many different artifacts from early life in the mountains such as arts and crafts, glassware, highlander costumes, as well as a geological collection with stuffed animals. It is one of the olders museums in the country founded in 1875. They have also more museums, Wladvslaw Hasior Museum and Zakopane Museum of Style. If you would like to have small excursion outside of the city, it is highly recommended to visit Niedzica Castle. It was built in 1325 and one of the most picturesque castles in the country. The castle stands on a small hill over the crystal lake and the view is stunning

Zakopane Events


It is worth to see Zakopane during the festival and some special events. The Zakopanezakopane events International Festival of Highland Folklore is one of the most famous events taking place on the third week of August. This traditional event started in 1962. You will have a lot of chance to experience the culture of Polish and Tatra Mountain regions. There is a circus tent put up in the centre of Zakopane. You can enjoy the street performance by the folk artists with traditional music, poetry, dance and more. There is also some exhibitions of local cuisine and arts. It is also the best time to visit during Christmas and New Year's Eve. It is something special to see Polish tradition with the nice decoration everywhere. Winter time is the high season and perfect for skiing tourists.
Zakopane is one of the best and popular ski resort in Europe.


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